Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Promotes Marine Tourism to New Zealand Yachters

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Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Promotes Marine Tourism to New Zealand Yachters
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Jakarta — Indonesia has targeting the visit of 20 million tourists in 2019. The projection from marine tourism expecting 4 million tourists will visit Indonesia in 2019. “So we must encourage foreign yachts and cruise visit” Explained Deputy Assistant for Tourism Service Okto Irianto on Friday, April 7 2017. Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs has found New Zealand as a very important market for marine tourism since the country has 4 million yachts to its 4.5 million population. New Zealand itself has a reputation as a country well-known for its sailing community.

Yachters usually arrive in New Zealand to enjoy its facilities around its superb marinas in Auckland, Whangarei or Opua. People come there to stay, restocking logistics, making necessary maintenance, as well as planning on what to do next. It is why Indonesian agencies decided to go there to maximize the opportunity of promoting its marine tourism.

Okto Irianto said his team will host a meeting at Debut, Southeast Molluccas this summer. Okto said in written statement that New Zealand yachters will enter Indonesia via Debut.
“We have events like Sail Sabang, WIDI International Fishing Tournament, not to mention more marine tourism destination will be ready to welcome visitor this summer”, Okto also said that “Our market is international yachters. 90 % yachters parking in New Zealand ports are international yachters. This is a huge market for Indonesia marine tourism”

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At least 70 yachts from New Zealand expected to visit Indonesia this year. ***


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