Goverment urges people not to do the annual hometown exodus. Measures are in place to keep the number low

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Marves-Jakarta, The government urges all people not to do the annual hometown exodus (mudik) and State Civil Apparatus and employees of state-owned enterprises and their families are prohibited from going back to their hometown.

The government is also preparing economic incentives for people who chose not to return to their hometown. Only those who do not go will receive the incentives.

In addition, public and private transportations are required to implement physical distancing thus raising prices of public transportation tickets. For example, a bus with a capacity of 50 can only accomodate 25 people.

A motorcycle can not carry a passenger. A private car must also be carrying at the minimum half of its passenger capacity. All these measures will be strictly enforced by the traffic police and the Ministry of Transportation.

Every person is also required to do independent isolation of 14 days after arrival in his hometown and 14 days after returning to Jakarta or other cities they are returning to. Regional Governments are required to set up the needed health facilities.

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With these measures in place, the number of people returning to their hometown this year is estimated to be kept low.

Currently, Ministry of Transportation, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investments, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia National Police and other agencies are working on a guide book that will become the standard operational procedures for the implementation of the said measures. Public Hearing will be held before the Guide Book is launched.

The measures and regulations in place will be effective for 2 (two) months, until the end of the outbreak and will be reviewed regularly.


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