Joint Survey Agreed on Area of Damaged Coral Reefs of 18.882 Square Meters

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Joint Survey Agreed on Area of Damaged Coral Reefs of 18.882 Square Meters
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Jakarta—After conducting a joint survey in area of 22.060 square meter in Dampier Strait of Raja Ampat from March 19, 2017, the national survey team and the insurance survey team eventually agreed on the number of damaged reefs area. “Both parties have concluded that the total coral reef damaged area is 18,882 square meters”, the Deputy Minister of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Ambassador Arif Havas Oegroseno stated in Jakarta, on Tuesday (3/21/2017).

The total damages in an area of 18,882 square meters are classified into two different damage levels. “13,270 square meters are badly damaged by the ship while the rest, ie, an area of 5,612 square meters sustains damages due to shock wave of sand and broken coral reefs from the vessel maneuver. However, corals in this particular area of 5,612 square meter only have 50% chance of surviving and living”, Havas quoted the joint team report.

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In case the moderate damaged coral reefs are dead, he stated that those will become total loss. A follow up in-depth analysis will be conducted by both parties on the first week of April in Jakarta. “The joint team survey agreed to have a final analysis regarding the survey result,” Havas said.

At the same time, the valuation team is going to calculate the economic loss. “The economic valuation will be led by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as mandated by Law Number 32/2009 on the Protection and Environmental Management,” said Havas.

The people of Indonesia and the people of Papua have yet to hear Captain Keith Michael Taylor to state an apology or remorse to the damage done by his act. The guardian of Raja Ampat, the people of Papua, is anxious to hear what British Captain Taylor has to say.

The Bahamas Caledonian Sky cruise ship ran aground on March 4, at Dampier strait of Raja Ampat Papua. It brings severe damage on one of the world’s best pristine coral reef. Without even bothering to wait for the assessment of the damage towards this environmental heritage of mankind, Captain Keith Michael Taylor set sailed to Bitung and the Philippines afterwards. “Captain Keith Michael Taylor and the ship owner, Salen Ship Management, content by leaving the matter to the insurance company,” Havas said. ***

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