Minister Luhut: Capacity of Ports under PT Pelindo III would be increased

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During his visit to West Nusa Tenggara province, Maritime Coordinating Minister Luhut Pandjaitan, meet and held a dialogue with leaders of local authorities and leaders from PT Pelindo III in a town of Bima on Tuesday (25/10)

After the meeting, Minister Luhut told the media that the discussion, which attended by Rahmat Satria, Head of Business Development of PT Pelindo III,  Regent of Bima Indah Damayanti, Mayor of Bima M. Qurais, decided to increase the capacity of ports under PT Pelindo III management.

“We are looking for possibility the the ports operations can be done jointly with private sector, ” said Minister Luhut.

Pelindo III is expected to calculate the developing cost of two ports in Sumbawa regent, Bima ports that serves Bima and Dompu areas and Badas Port which serve Sumbawa and West Sumbawa. He said PT Pelindo III told the meeting, that they now are budgeting the project of the deepening of the groove which will begin next year.

According to the Minister, transport cost efficiency at the Kempo port was also discussed in the meeting. The port capacity would be increased from the current capacity that can only be leaned by one ship will be expanded to load up to three ship at once. He told the media that these improvements are expected to rise the number of agricultural products were shipped through the port.

“Loading/unloading time should also be minimized to approximately 2-3 days, and I want to emphasize that I do not want to see extortion at the port. There were reports (on extortion) and I have ordered the local military commander and local chief of police to take action decisively against it,” he said.

Food commodity production management

Earlier, Coordinating Minister Luhut met with about 200 working units (SKPD) in Convention Hall Paruga Nae. There, he encouraged the local authorities in  Bima to improve its food production such as maize, rice, fish, and livestock, as well as revitalizing ports as the part of cost efficiency on shipping commodities.

“This area can be considered as our country’s barn. We have been less intensify this area,” said the Coordinating Minister.

To the audience, Minister Luhut said an animal feed investor is ready to invest in Bima. He asked the local government to support the company to be able to absorb the production of maize in harvesting season.

With this huge agricultural potential the local government will able to adjust the cropping pattern to stabilize the prices of the food commodities.

“The planting corn, rice farming, planting soybeans should be rotated and there should be rules for it,” Minister Luhut told the audience.

Minister Luhut told media that the revitalization of the Agricultural sector in the region is part id national project barn, which has already begun with nearly one million ton maize production per year, in the province.

“The Regent said she could allocate 7,000 hectares of land and the Mayor committed to provide 3,000 hectares of land,” he said.

The residents were asked to facilitate investors because the increasing number of investment will improve the welfare of the people.


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